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Analyzers specifically designed for the enology laboratory.

  • Y15 and Y25 are open random Access analyzers easily adapted to the different kinds and numbers of sample required by the sector. Dedicated reagents and pre-programmed test methods together with enology specific software makes this solution plug and play, facilitating the work of the winemaker from the installation.

  • Y350 is a semi-automatic analyzer with an optical system made with the innovative LED technology which covers from 280 to 750 nm. A 280 nm LED allows measuring the Total Polyphenols Index (TPI). It also includes 420, 520 and 620 nm LEDs to read all the different Color Indexes. Both, TPI and Color are official methods and no need for reagents. 

Semi-automatic Analyzer Y350


Technical specifications:

Semi-automatic analyzer based on LED technology.

Wavelengths: 280, 340, 405, 420, 505, 560, 620, 635 670 and 750 nm.

Photometric range: 0.2 - 3.5 Abs for all wavelengths.

Flow cuvette: 1 uL and 10 uL.

Levey-Jennings QC chart based on Westgard rules.

Calibration by factor, single calibrator or calibration curve (up to 8 points).

Battery power pack ( 2 hours on full load)

Y-350 is supplied with a range of high quality accessories that allows the customization of the equipment according to its specific use.

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